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Bonjour Pubcrawl
26 April 2021

Bonjour Pubcrawl: How was it born ?

How did we start this Bonjour Pubcrawl journey? Bonjour Pubcrawl is in the first place a common idea, shared by three friends. Firstly, this idea is that when an International…
22 April 2021

Bordeaux park to picnic and enjoy the weather

Jardin public Jardins publics are THE most famous Bordeaux park. Located in the center of the city, this place is easily reachable. Furthermore not only ideal to have "Tartines Basques"…
20 April 2021

Bordeaux food you have to try

When it comes to travelling in France, choosing the best typical French food of the region you come to is always an issue. What are the specialties? where can I…

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