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Euro just started ! For this special occasion, we made a top 5 of the best pubs to watch a game in Bordeaux, for you to enjoy football (and support the French national team) the best possible way !

The Charles Dickens

The Charles Dickens is the most famous Irish bar in Bordeaux and is very well located. On the “quais”, this pub will welcome you in an Irish style as if you were in Dublin. It is the perfect place to savor a Guiness in front of the Garonne during a warm summer evening. It is a very famous bar in Bordeaux so you will probably struggle a bit if you want to have a sit there. You will have to show up early, but that seems worthwhile if you want to watch a Euro game in such a cool atmosphere.

Euro game

The Houses of Parliament

Located in the heart of Bordeaux (Rue Parlement Sainte-Catherine), this English style pub is very cozy. It is a famous place in Bordeaux to watch sports. It is very well located and permits you to arrive quickly after work to enjoy a good beer and a game. Plus, being English, this pub is more than relevant to watch a football game. When you enter this place, you can think you are in an English like wine cave. Moreover, its ancient wood style will put you in the best possible mood to support your team plus the big screen in the bar is so cool!

Euro game

The Connemara

In Cours d’Albert, next to the city center, the Connemara Irish Pub is the perfect bar to go if you are a lot and want to see a game. This bar is huge, has two different parts, and even a second floor with another screen. Its atmosphere is very Irish and will remind you of a rainy rugby night in Ireland. Plus, this bar serves a lot of different beers and even Irish wine. So, if you want to shout the name of your country during the Euro with your friends, you should definitely think about this place.

The cock and bull

The Cock and Bull is one of the best English bars in Bordeaux. It is a restaurant as well as a pub. It proposes a lot of different beers and delicious English dishes like fish and chips. If you want to chill in a warm place, I definitely recommend you going there. You will be able to watch a game sited and encourage the French national team while eating your dish. On the top of that, there is a tram station just next to it. So you will be able to go there easily.

Euro game


L’Engrenage is the Frenchiest pub in this top, and a very good Bordeaux bar. Located in Rue Castelnau d’Auros, this bar is big and cool to go if you like to mix beer and sports. Its inside is very design and classy with a mix between wood and iron. It is a sure choice if you want to meet with friends to have a drink and watch the Euro. On the top of that, it is quite a big pub. So you will easily find a seat if you come early. Moreover, this pub is perfect for a pub crawl 😉