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If you do not know what to do in Bordeaux, a Bordeaux Lake can be the perfect place to chill after a good Bonjour Pubcrawl pub crawl. A lot of Bordeaux Lakes propose activities that will surely suit you. Because sunbathing at cool spots is one of the best things to do in Bordeaux, here are some of the most beautiful lakes you will found aroud the city.

Lac d’Hostens :

Located at 45 kilometers from Bordeaux, this lake is one of the coolest to go to during a sunny day. Its 750 hectares allow you to see a lot of things, such as rare plants, trees, and animals, as the site is a nature reserve. Moreover, this site is composed of no fewer than five lakes, including one where you can swim and practice water sports and activities.

Indeed, the site offers you the possibility of renting canoes and paddleboards, for you to enjoy the lake and bring your sportive side out. You can also hike around the five lakes, to take advantage of what the South-west-of-France nature has to offer.

Etang de Lacanau

Situated in Lacanau, West of Bordeaux, this pond is one of the largest in the area. It used to be a place for fishing and supply Bordeaux with sea food. Nowadays, it is a cool spot if you want to sunbathe or eat Bordeaux food with your friends. L’Etang de Lacanau is very similar to the beaches you can find on the East coast, with sand and a dark blue water.

 Moreover, just like le Lac d’Hostens, this place offers you the possibility to practice water sports. You will be able to windsurf, paddleboard or do canoeing. On the top of that, if you like nature, the site has got a hike path perfect for you if you want to explore the deepest and wildest parts of the area.

Lac d’Espiet

It is the only lake of this list you will have to pay to go to(5€ per person). But the perfect one if you want to go to a lake where there are not too many people around you. It is a very fancy lake which has got a very beautiful and unique color. Indeed, this lake is located at 32 kilometers at the East of Bordeaux on an ex-quarry.

 If you want to enjoy an area with a few people and a lot of beautiful photos to make, the Lac d’Espiet is surely perfect for you. It has also got a very good restaurant, with a view on the lake and beautiful beaches to relax. Moreover, the site offers you the possibility to do tubling (if you are into thrills).

Bordeaux lake: lac bleu Léognan

Lac Bleu Léognan

The Lac Bleu Léognan is closer from Bordeaux than the other lakes. Located at 15 kilometers of the city, it is lost inside a huge forest and has a very special atmosphere. You cannot swim in this lake. But it is still certainly the perfect place to have a picnic with your friends in the grass. This “blue lake” is unique in Bordeaux’s area because of its royal blue tint. It is a must see if you are a fan of nature because it will allow you to see a typical South-of-France landscape.

Moreover, if you are into French gastronomy, there is the French restaurant “La Maison du Lac bleu”. It offers a traditional and family kitchen food. This place is perfect if you want to discover France landscapes and gastronomy.

Bordeaux lake: lac vert Canéjan

Lac Vert Canéjan

Very similar to the Bordeaux “Lac Bleu Léognan”, this lake is surrounded by nature. It is a very cool place where you will want to go to chill with your friends. Located at 5 kilometers from the “Lac Bleu”, it is bigger and the flora that surrounds it is less dense.

This place is very easy to access, and not too far from Bordeaux. It is ideal if you want to walk, play a ball game, or sunbathe in the grass. Moreover, the green color of the lake is very beautiful and will suit your Instagram page very well. Be sure to check this lake out if you want to enjoy your day not too far from the city.

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