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Bonjour Pubcrawl

How did we start this Bonjour Pubcrawl journey?

Bonjour Pubcrawl is in the first place a common idea, shared by three friends. Firstly, this idea is that when an International travels to a country, he should have events organized for him. Secondly, this idea is that he should be able to meet other Internationals and weave links. Thirdly, the idea is to create events that mean something and to forge strong memories.

The project was born when Paul, Jean, and Thomas (Bonjour Pubcrawl co-founders) met in 2020 in Bordeaux. At that time, they just came back from studying abroad in The United States and The United Kingdom. Back in France, something struck them. During their studies abroad, they lived unforgettable moments during events made for them by their host countries.

And in France? Nothing, nil, not a sausage as the young generation says. There was nothing for the international students who came to Bordeaux for their studies. Seeing France backwardness, they thought making events by themselves to help international students meeting people in Bordeaux.

The solution

Our Three Musketeers firstly tried to think about what type of event they should offer to the internationals. The event should be accessible enough and permit them to quickly meet new people, learn more about French culture Bordeaux.

For them who had participated in pub crawls in foreign countries, it was logical to start with a bar crawl of their own. Moreover, as they were students, they knew what their customers would like. They decided to create a fun and casual pubcrawl, with a fancy French touch.

During Covid, and certainly thanks to the internship they had to do, they decided to start the project. By the bye, this pandemic made them think that time had surely come to create something, as events which were not many, became suddenly over.

Something had to be done to help internationals, who cannot fully enjoy their stay in Bordeaux, providing them a way to meet as soon as things would get better. As “heroes of the fun”, they now want to create the best possible bar hopping experience and prepare it for summer.

Their pub crawl is firstly, a ticket to buy on their website. Secondly, it is discounts in every bar of the bar tour, free drinks, and a free entry in a nightclub. Internationals gather and Bonjour Pubcrawl guides them in Bordeaux’s bars wisely chosen by the team for their festive atmosphere. Moreover, the icing on the cake is that through the night, they will be able to learn to know each other and forge links.


What is next ?

This private tour is just the first thing Bonjour Pubcrawl wants to do in Bordeaux. The company wants to create more Bordeaux activities for those who want to go out and party in the city. Indeed, the goal is to make a lot of other events hand in hand with internationals, such as picnics at the beach, surf sessions in Lacanau or paragliding in La Dune du Pilat.

All these events only have one purpose: have fun in order to meet new people. Actually, for Bonjour Pubcrawl, it is very important that internationals can live in France an experience as filled in emotions as they lived in other countries. At the question “what is the best thing to do in Bordeaux”, Thomas, Paul et Jean want people to answer: certainly “Bonjour Pubcrawl”.