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Bordeaux park

Jardin public

Jardins publics are THE most famous Bordeaux park. Located in the center of the city, this place is easily reachable. Furthermore not only ideal to have “Tartines Basques” with your friends, but also perfect to enjoy the sun.

Bordeaux created it in 1746, since the city had to replace bad vines and considered as an historical monument since 1935. The Jardin public was redesigned in 1856 “à l’anglaise”, that is to say like an English garden at this period. Moreover, the park has got a special botanic garden part that you can visit and in which you will find a lot of different plants. On the top of that, Bordeaux’s Natural History Museum is located next to the Jardin Public. Finally, the park is often lively at night because it hosts a lot of events during the summer.

Parc Palmer

Located in Cenon, at 2 kilometers from Bordeaux, it is an ex-private estate of 25 hectares. This park is 75 meters above the sea, which gives you a plunging view of Bordeaux.

If you want an easy way to complete your Instagram with beautiful pictures of a green landscape with Bordeaux in the background, you will love Parc Palmer. Moreover, it proposes large green spaces to seat, and a street workout area, a rugby field, a basketball court. On the top of that, hiking trails were made for you to visit the park. The fanciest part of the park is certainly Cenon’s music school. It is located inside Parc Palmer and surrounded by a garden made in ancient bourgeois style, that you can visit.

Parc de Majolan

Situated in Blanquefort, 10 kilometers from Bordeaux, this park is surely the most atypical of Bordeaux’s area, since it is artificial. Indeed, it was created in 1870 in a baroque style and, before being a park, it was a swap. But its rich owner Jean Gustave Piganeau asked to the French architect Louis le Breton to transform it. In 2007, Blanquefort refurbished the park for 3 million euros, then classified it as being a historical monument, because the site counts a lot of artificial caves realized by French designers.

This park will show you all the skills that creators of the 19th century had, as they made this park entirely by hand, like for example the artificial lake, the landscape or even the waterfall.

Bordeaux Park

Jardin Botanique

A one-of-a-kind park in Bordeaux, the Jardin Botanique is not only a park, but also a sort of outdoor museum. If you like nature and learning more about flora, this place will certainly meet your expectations. Moreover, this park has got a green space that is perfect to meet your friends and enjoy the good south-west weather. Created in 1629, this garden comes from the medieval tradition and gathers a lot of medicinal and aromatic plants. Nowadays, its purpose is to teach you more about these types of plants through signs put in front of them. Finally, the eroded rocks present in the park will surely make you travel back in time with their Jurassic style.